Morning Runs…what?!

Me & mornings…not so much.  If you ask me, it’s no coincidence that “morning” and “mourning” are only one letter apart!  This POST from Runner’s Rambles is totally up my alley! 

I am not a morning person.  I sometimes try to pretend that I am, but really I just am not.  I love sleeping and I am just naturally cranky in the morning.

So imagine my surprise when last week I scored two morning runs!

Tuesday 08.02.2011

Since I didn’t run Monday night, I figured I would try to get in an EARLY AM run.  The hubs was coming home that night and I knew we would be hanging out and playing catch-up.  I usually arrive at work by 6:30 am, so I tried to count the time backwards for me to get in a quick 2-miler, shower, and then ready for work.  I set my alarm clock for 4:50 AM…the hubs’ alarm clock for 4:55 AM, and my phone alarm for 5:00 AM.  I’m really not a morning person!  I actually got up on the first alarm and then stumbled around for 30 minutes trying to just wake up.  I took a peek outside and it was pretty dark!  I took a quick look at the weather and was SHOCKED that it was so warm at 5:25 am!!  I set out and about in the neighborhood and actually felt pretty good!  Minus the sweat-fest for being so early, I ran my 2 miles in 18:30 (average of 9:13/mile pace).

Friday 08.05.2011

I actually had Friday off from work – so I took the opportunity to grab another morning run.  It’s been so dang hot outside – the heat index over 100* each day that afternoon running makes me a lil’ crazy!  Woke up a lil’ after 6:30 and laid  in bed until around 7:00.  I did the elliptical workout on Wednesday and Thursday so I thought I’d catch-up on a nice 4-miler.  Again with the heat wave so early, but at least I was well hydrated from the night before and my legs were itching to get going!  I actually felt pretty good – ended with a 9:07/mile pace.  Mile 1: 8:45, Mile 2: 9:06, Mile 3: 9:42, Mile 4: 8:56.

Missing in Action:

The real disappointment from this week was that I didn’t get in my planned long run – which was to be 8 miles.  I had a lot on my plate for Saturday, including lots of driving/traveling.  So I thought I would get the run in on Sunday morning.  But turns out that life had other plans for me on Sunday!  I did get out for ~4 miles (walk/jog)…so I will just have to attempt my 8 miler next weekend!

Are you a morning person/runner?


3 thoughts on “Morning Runs…what?!

  1. I’m so proud of you! 🙂 I used to be a morning workout person and would get up at 4:45am to get a good workout in. These days I pretty much get up at 7:15am, shower, scarf down breakfast, and hustle to be at work by 8am. Thank goodness the office is 10 minutes from home!

  2. I prefer to run in the mornings. I feel more accomplished through the day instead of stressing about completing the run later.
    I can’t wait for cooler weather! It is pretty hot down here “south of the lake.” I am not sure if I asked but are you training with the Jazz half program?

  3. I used to try running every morning, and guess what, I just lasted two days! Hahaha, it takes great discipline and motivation to really run every morning, or even every night. Good luck to your running pursuits! 🙂

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