8-Miler in the Books!

Whoa!  Saturday I ran my first 8-miler.  And it’s days like that, that allow me to love running – and to love the challenge of pushing myself.

I set my alarm for 6:40.  Laid around for about 10-15 minutes, got up, grabbed a Luna Bar for breakfast fuel, got dressed, then headed to the Lakefront.  I learned my lesson from last weekend to make a pit-stop halfway to refill my water.  I did a 4-mile loop starting from the Mandeville Trailhead, down and across the lakefront, then back up through old Mandeville.  My car was exactly 4 miles in.  I paused my Runkeeper, gulped down some Gatorade, refilled my water bottle with cold water, and was back to running in under 4 minutes.  My second loop was just an inner loop of the first 4 miles – allowing myself a slight change in scenery.

I could tell that I hit a (very small) wall around 5 1/2 miles…but I kept chugging along thinking of how on that very day it marked exactly one year since my fitness journey began.  And I was so excited that this time I was mentally prepared for a long run.  I kept telling myself that I was strong, and beautiful, and brave, and an athlete.  And even though my ~10 min pace went up to ~11 minutes for my last 3 miles, I felt that I still finished strong!  I had a goal in my head of 10 min/mile pace, and I finished with an average of 10:09 min/pace!  I ran for a total of 1 Hour 21 minutes!

You ask me a year ago if I thought I could have ever ran that long and my answer would have been a resounding HELL NO.  Ha.  I surprise even myself sometimes!

 What is your positive mantra?


5 thoughts on “8-Miler in the Books!

  1. Look at all those calories burned!! Thanks for the shoutout!! I feel the same way about a year ago. It’s reaching the one year mark when I made my lifestyle change of consistently working out.

  2. Jen! That is awesome!! Congrats on your long run. 🙂

    I’ve been trying to tell myself not to think of the end of something (end of the run, end of the workday, etc) and just enjoy the moment. Before you know it, it’s over and you had an enjoyable experience (not always the case with work, but hey – can’t win ’em all!). 😉

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