Bad Blogger!

Over the last month, I have been VERY busy…I honestly didn’t even realize my last post was on August 22nd.  Ouch.  So – where have I been and what have I been up to?

9-Miler, New Job, 10-Miler, Tropical Depression Lee, 11-Miler, LSU Football Game, Girls Beach Trip, Cousin’s Wedding!  And most of that only covers my weekend fun!

That’s right folks – I got the JOB!!!  I now work in our Information Management group…more or less a project manager in the IT world.  My background is Finance and Project Controls – so not only is it right up my alley – but it also gives me a chance to broaden my horizon and learn a few new things.

I survived “Tropical Depression Lee” – which was really just a lot of rain.  However – I did have to brave my first 10-miler in the heat of the storm!  If you have been following me, you know that I normally do my long runs down by the Lakefront.  Due to the heavy rains, and partial flooding at the Lakefront, and the fact that I do not own a treadmill, I was left no choice but to run 3-mile loops in my neighborhood.  Ok – in all actuality – the neighborhood loop is more like 6 miles – but that covers every single cul-de-sac.  And I wasn’t really in the mood for that.  So – in the torrential downpour – I opted for the (3) 3-mile loops so that I could switch out my long-sleeve shirt and chug some Gatorade.  And actually – it was one of my better runs – the most consistent times!  Average pace of 10:01/mile!!

The following weekend, a few friends from work asked us if we wanted to go to the first LSU home game of the season.  Neither the hubs nor I went to LSU – but the games are super fun to tailgate at!  Since I had a fabulous 11-miler on the books for that morning – and the group decided to meet up in Baton Rouge by Noon – I again had to resort to my neighborhood 3-mile loop!  I got up at 6 AM – and started my run at 6:30.  Not the most exciting…but I did what I had to do – and was Quite Surprised that my average pace was a 10:08/mile!!!

Pre-gaming at The Chimes!

The following weekend, I went on a beach trip (Pensacola Beach) with 5 other girls from work.  We had a blast!!  We left Thursday afternoon, arrived in the evening in time to watch the LSU game on football, got up and ran a 4-miler, lounged on the beach from 10am to 5 pm, headed to the hot-tub from 6pm to 9pm, then headed inside to get ready for a late dinner – then repeated on Saturday.  Sunday morning was nice and relaxing – and we were all sad to leave!!

Yes – we even found a fan in Florida!

View from our Penthouse Suite!

And finally, this past weekend, I flew up to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s wedding.  It was a beautiful, outdoor, country wedding – complete with rustic barn, bales of hay, and rows upon rows of cornfields!

The Rustic Barn where there was a bluegrass band & dancing!

Sunflower Centerpieces backdropped by the Cornfields!

The cutest lil’ Ring Bearer!

And now for my long distance running stats:



2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger!

  1. Ahh Jen! Congratulations on the JOB!!! 🙂 You are going to be amazing! Your month sounds like it was a lot of fun. 🙂 Glad to see you back, I’ve missed you.


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