Virtual SHRED in November

So KIMI and STEF have challenged their readers to “Shred it Up” with Jillian Michaels during the month of November and asked if anyone wanted to join them.  They are committing to Jillian 4 times a week, allowing at least one day of rest, and a day or two of cardio.  It sounds like a good challenge to me, so I’m in!

The Shred DVD can be found at Target, Wal-mart, and Amazon.  I got mine for $10 at Target sometime last year…but have yet to complete the program. I usually only put it in randomly when I’m short on time, but want a cardio blast. I want to complete the series because I think it can really help tone. I have to admit though – she is tough!!  So I absolutely love the idea of some additional support – online buddies to hold me accountable and keep me motivated!!!

They took down their measurements and added “Before” pics – and encourage everyone to do the same.  Below are my measurements (Yeah…I know I have a big bum!!  In most cases, I affectionately refer to it as a bubble butt – mmmmkay?!)  Pictures will be updated tonight.

  Before Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Left Calf 15.5″        
Right Calf 15″        
Left Thigh 23″        
Right Thigh 23″        
Bum 41.5″        
Hips 38″        
Waist 29.25″        
Bust 34.5″        
Left Arm 11.25″        
Right Arm 11.25″        

To participate, you just need dumbbells (or water bottles).  The workout is 24 minutes total – including warm up, workout, and cool down.  You’ll complete three circuits using Jillian’s signature 3-2-1 program: three minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio, and one minute of ab work.  And believe me…it’s a fast 20 minutes for a well-rounded workout!

Check out some of the awesome virtual team members below:
Kimi – A Slice of Kiwi
Stef – Run On!
Jen – The Paper Pod
Amanda – There are 2 Sides
Angela – Constantly Unwinding
Carrie – I Think, Therefore I Plan

The best part – we’d like for YOU to join us!


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