2012 Schedule for the Southern Half Marathon Runner

As I mentioned in an earlier post – training for my first half marathon has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.  And to be honest…I have fallen in love with the distance.  I love a good 6-10 miler on the weekends…I love having ~12 weeks of a structured training plan (even if I do change it up a bit!)…and now…I’m hooked!  I want to run another half.  Ok – not just one…but many!  I can not believe how much I actually enjoyed the race.  I think the 13.1 mile race is a great distance…is a great challenge…and is exactly the motivation I need to continue my love affair with running. So I have been researching races for 2012…and am so excited to have so many to choose from “in the area” (within a few hours drive, that is!)  I am thinking that if I go ahead and research…and plan out the year…then I can keep up a consistent training schedule.  Because I found out that I really need an end goal or else I tend to slack off… 

So below are some highlighted events for mainly the first quarter of 2012…it’s still early, so I will continue to update the options every couple of months!

2012 Southern Race Options
01/07:  Houma “Heart & Soles” – Houma, LA
01/07: Mississippi Blues Half Marathon – Jackson, MS
01/08: First Light Half Marathon – Mobile, AL
01/14: Pensacola Beach Run – Pensacola, FL
01/15: Louisiana Half Marathon – Baton Rouge, LA
01/22: Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series – Gulf Shores, AL
01:28: Long Beach Carnival Classic Half Marathon – Long Beach, MS
01/29: Louisiana Riverfront Half Marathon – Kenner, LA
03/04: Rock ‘N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon & Half Marathon – New Orleans, LA
04/15: Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series – Pensacola Beach, FL
10/14: Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series – Mandeville, LA
10/27: New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon – New Orleans, LA
12/16: Ole Man River Half Marathon – New Orleans, LA

The top two I am considering:

I would also like to consider a race in my hometown…
08/18: Parkersburg New & Sentinel Half Marathon – Parkersburg, WV

If you do a little bit of research, you will find that there are quite a few series events around the US: Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series, Rock ‘N Roll Marathon Series, 13.1 Marathon Series, etc.

Are there any halfs that YOU think I should travel to outside of my southern radius?


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