Thursday Twitter Tweeps

Good afternoon fellow Bloggers and Tweeters!  Today I’m sharing a glimpse of my morning scenery.  This is a pic I took on my walk to work – cause in case you didn’t know, I’m in Houston for training for the week!

I’m starting something new – a bit of networking, really.  If you’re looking for more twitter friends/followers/stalkers, link your twitter names below – and add a lil’ quip about yourself.  

Today’s Featured Tweep is: @katieRUNSthis. She lives in Louisiana.  She is a blogger (HERE).  She is a runner/duathlete/thiathlete.  And she just had a baby!  Go say hello and mingle – and it’s fine to tell her you’re coming from Daydreams and Shoestrings blog or @WV2CA2LA (my twitter handle) but also say hello and wish her a good day, etc.

Have a nice day and go tweet!

Do you want to be a featured tweep?  Leave your details below 🙂


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