Virtual SHRED Update 2/3

Week 2 Summary

Remember in this post HERE where I committed to Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for 4 times a week?  Week 1 complete!  Week 2 I did quite a bit of cardio, and therefore only worked with Jillian on 3 days.  I wanted to try to up a level every week and a half (6 workouts),  so the 3rd workout in week 2 I began Level 2.  That was a Friday.  

11/07: Rest Day
11/08:  4×400 Sprints, Shred Level 1 – 1.8M Walk
11/09: 1M Run, Shred Level 1, 1.4M Walk
11/10:  Rest Day
11/11:  Shred Level 2, 1.9M Walk
11/12:  1 Hour Elliptical
11/13:  4M Run

Week 3 Summary

Then on Sunday (11/13), I left for Houston for a week of training for work.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch the video during my week stay, but I also had Level 1 down pretty good, and figured I would just work off of that.  Turns out, I didn’t do a single full Jillian workout all week.  HOWEVER – I did get up every morning and do the first circuit of Level 1 on my own.  (Pushups, Jumping Jacks, Crunches, etc.)  It was a quick 6 minutes to get my day started.  And then I ran in the evenings.  Cheers to next week’s training!

11/14: Shred Level 1 Circuit 1 (AM), 2.5M Run (PM)
11/15: Shred Level 1 Circuit 1 (AM), 3M Treadmill Run (PM)
11/16: Shred Level 1 Circuit 1 (AM), 4M Run (PM)
11/17: Shred Level 1 Circuit 1 (AM), Travelling (PM)
11/18: Rest Day
11/19:  0.5M Warm-up, 6M Run, 0.5M Cool-down
11/20:  30 Min Stationary Bike

Level 2 Summary

Circuit 1 – Strength – 3 Minutes
Walking Pushups – Squatted Row (Repeat)
Circuit 1 – Cardio – 2 Minutes
High Knees – Squat Thrust (Repeat)
Circuit 1 – Abs – 1 Minute
One Leg Lift Crunch (Each Leg)

Circuit 2 – Strength – 3 Minutes
Static Lunge & Row – Pendulum Lunge + Hammer Curl (Repeat)
Circuit 2 – Cardio – 2 Minutes
Oblique Twist – Skaters (Repeat)
Circuit 2 – Abs –  1 Minute
Double Crunch

Circuit 3 – Strength – 3 Minutes
Military Press + Leg Extension – Chair Squat + V-Fly (Repeat)
Circuit 3 – Cardio – 2 Minutes
Plank Jacks – Double Jump Rope (Repeat)
Circuit 3 – Abs – 1 Minute
Plank Twist

My Thoughts So Far

Level 2 is Tough.  And I mean…tough, and it really works up a sweat!  I’ve never really had upper arm strength, and I could feel it every. single. time. with this level.  This level is more focused on “stressing” multiple body parts at once (thighs + arms, or shoulders + abs).  My advice – again – is that you don’t have to keep up with Jillian rep for rep!  Take your time, do the form correctly, and your strength and stamina will build over time!

This all left me completely exhausted, especially after running a little each day too.  I will continue the 2-3 runs during the week and a long run on the weekends.  And I will continue to use some varation of Jillian Michaels because the goal here is to tone my muscles and increase my strength.

My Measurements

To date, I have lost 4″ total.  My calves evened out.  The biggest difference: Hips (-2.5″) and Waist (-1.25″).  Also to note – my arms increased by 1/4″ – that is a WIN to me!

Keep up the VIRTUAL SHRED!


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