Who Dat at the Saints Game?

via: Google Images

Hey there, Saints fans!

So as a recognition award, the hubby received tickets to a Saints game.  And not just any tickets…but our company’s suite tickets!!  We were slated to watch the New Orleans Saints home game vs. New York Giants!!!  This was a huge experience for me, being my first-ever live NFL game! (And another item on my Life Goals list!)

We rolled into New Orleans early Monday afternoon (game started at 7pm) and checked into the hotel.  We chose to stay at the Hyatt – literally across the street from the stadium.  Since we had a few hours before anything started up, we decided to head over to “Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar” for some dinner and drinks.  Then we followed the throngs of fans to the stadium.  Once there, we found our gate entrance, were given a quick pat-down at security, and then walked up, and up, and up, to the fourth floor suites.  We were greeted with an array of food and beverages – but the best thing was, by far, the view!  And it was amazing to see so hundreds of thousands of people gathered in one location…the air was literally buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement!

The Hyatt lit up at night!

Sporting our Saints Tees!

My pic of the Superdome...

Image Via: Crazy, Cool, Groovy Blog

And on top of all that – there is the level of theatrics that’s presented during every aspect of the game: the players entering the field…to the singing of the national anthem…Steve Young visiting our suite to sign footballs…and the Saints victory!  Every time the Saints scored, we were given confetti to throw around – and you could see black and gold “snow” around the entire stadium!  It was so much fun!  And now I am so very spoiled!

Steve Young signing footballs!

We are hanging out with ESPN's Steve Young!

Shadow Pic!

After the game!

via: ESPN.com


What is your favorite memory of a sports event?


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