DVD Hoarders, Anonymous

My husband collects DVDs. 

There are so many of them we could be a local BlockBuster.  At last count, there were over 900!  I’m convinced they multiply overnight.  Or we have house elves.  Either way, if there is an apocalypse, we’re covered, the neighborhood is covered, even the town would be covered.  We might not have electricity – but maybe I can get one of those bikes that you pedal to power the TV – just in case.

We started with a DVD Rack from Wal-Mart.  That grew to 2, 3, then 4 racks in our tiny California apartment.  When we moved, we decided to invest in a bookcase – since we had a whole extra bedroom and all to fill with our things.  That solution lasted about 3 months, until the amount of DVDs again grew out of the space provided.  So we bought a matching bookcase.  Those damn house elves – we soon found ourselves with 4 bookcases!   At this point, the wall space in our “spare bedroom” was growing a lil’ thin. 

California Apartment

4 Bookcases in Spare Bedroom

The DVDs are, of course, in alphabetical order.  So imagine the work it took to keep those babies organized with weekly new additions.  Did you know that DVDs are released every Tuesday?  Yep.  You can check out your local Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy, or even mobile apps such as Fandango or Flixter to see the new releases.  Needless to say, the layout was simply not working for us…

Alphabetical Order

So naturally, the hubby decided to spruce up the bookshelves to make MORE room.  He added two more shelves per case, which also allowed the DVDs to stand up in nice rows.  Such a man with his power tools!

Unloading DVDs

Revamped Bookshelves

So what will you find our on shelves?  Action, Suspense, Horror, Drama.  But wait – I also see Dumbo, The Notebook, Grease…just how did those get in there?  Those nasty lil’ house elves…filling our shelves with Disney & Classics & Romantic Comedies.  OK, scratch that top line.  If I’m being totally honest here…my husband and I collect DVDs.

Welcome to DVD Hoarders, Anonymous!


5 thoughts on “DVD Hoarders, Anonymous

  1. When I moved in 2005 from a small place in Manhattan to a large one bedroom in New Jersey with lots of storage space, I kept all of my collection. But when I moved from New Jersey to Florida – even going up (increasing my space) – from one to two bedrooms – I still winnowed my collection down. I simply gave away a few boxes of DVDs.

    Its fun to own them, and watch them whenever – but eventually boxing them and unpacking them repeatedly becomes a chore. In my current space, I have two large walk-ins. Plus space in the coat closet, plus space in the laundry room. But at the moment I have only one 5 shelves book case.

    What did I do – It’s easier for me to see the film at the movies, rent the disc from Netflix, or stream a video, then to buy films in DVDs.


  2. Wow, this is nuts! We keep all our movies digitally on a home theater computer. We have over 300 so I guess that would be a lot of DVDs if we kept them hard disc!

  3. The revamped bookshelf looks so beautiful! My mom and dad are also DVD hoarders, but their system isn’t quite as organized and neat as yours! 🙂 They need to take a lesson from you guys. 🙂

  4. Hilarious, but I can certainly feel your pain. We have ours arranged by kid movies (an entire shelving unit), comedies (in our main TV cabinet), series (another shelf), dramas, action and then a special cabinet for ones we may be able to use when teaching. I do not arrange these, my husband does. I wish there was a better system, but maybe just getting rid of most of them would be the best solution!

  5. The DVD collection cracks me up- my brother is the exact same way! Whenever I visit I ask him if I can ‘rent’ a DVD, rather than go to a rental store. Why bother wasting the money right?!

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