Dreams of Getting Faster…

So I have less than two weeks until my second half marathon – the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans!  I am soo excited…but pretty anxious to prove to myself that my hard training has paid off!  I made quite a few changes to my training schedule this time around, with actual time goals in mind.  The real goal of my first half marathon was to just finish!  As simple as that sounds, it was my first time EVER at such a long distance!  I had only ran up to 11 miles during my training (that last 2.1 miles was pretty darn hard on race day!)…missed my last two weekend runs of my training…and adjusted my schedule so much it didn’t exactly resemble a training plan…

This time around, I did quite a bit of research on training plans, upped my weekly mileage, and tried really hard to stick to the plan!  Although there were a few adjustments, for the most part, I tried to be consistent.  And I introduced some speed work into my plan – increasing 400 intervals – and have completed 4 out of the 5 speed workouts to date.  Woo-hoo!

(via: Google Images)

So I am hoping that my dreams of making a PR in this half are reflected in my decreasing training times over the last 6 months – and that I will be ready to ROCK my next half marathon!

5 Mile Runs:

6 Mile Runs:

7 Mile Runs (No joke…this is the WORST distance for me…both times around I was mentally drained!):

8 Mile Runs:

9 Mile Runs:

10 Mile Runs:

11 Mile Runs:

As you can see, I trained mostly at 10-minute miles the first time around – and my first half marathon was a 9:45 pace, crossing the line at 2:07:29. 

So what do you think…can I drop 7.5 minutes to get a 2-hour half marathon time? 🙂


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