Notes From All Over

I can’t think a full thought on any of the following, so here are some half-thoughts, all mashed together:

  1. Mardi Gras 2012 was pretty low-key.  My father-in-law came in town to visit.  He and the hubby did “manly” jobs like fixing the car, installing recessed lighting on the back porch, etc.  We ate Mellow Mushroom, fixed steaks and Cajun shrimp, and even experienced Bourbon Street on Lundi Gras.
  2. My second half marathon is in 4 days!!!  FOUR.  DAYS.  I can barely contain my excitement! 
  3. My mom is coming to visit me – TONIGHT!  As my hubby is offshore during my race, I asked my mom if she would like to come down and support me!  This will be her second time visiting…and her first time in New Orleans!  I can’t wait to show her around the Northshore and New Orleans.
  4. My mother-in-law will be visiting the second week of March!  We always have a good time drinking wine and trying new restaurants.
  5. We got our year-end appraisals/bonuses this week.  I was VERY excited! 
  6. I’m fighting a cold…so far I’m winning…but my nose and throat are very sore.  I hope to banish it before this weekend! 
  7. I ordered 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  One for me, one for the hubby, and one for snacks while at work.  I already ate the whole box dedicated as “work snacks.”  Oops!
  8. My best friend just picked out her wedding dress!!!  She is going to be a true southern belle!  *SIGH* I love weddings!

And finally, because my day is never complete without a little Mario, and I’m sure yours isn’t either – I give you: Mario eating the grass.


3 thoughts on “Notes From All Over

  1. Bonus time is ALWAYS a good time! 🙂

    OMG I love Mario! What a cutie!!! 🙂 Yay for the second half marathon!

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