Run on the Bayou 10K Race Recap

It occurred to me that I did not write a full race recap for my first 10K. The 24th Annual “Run on the Bayou” was presented by West Jefferson Fitness Center and sponsored by West Jefferson Medical Center, and featured 10K, 2 mile, and 1/2 mile races. The 10K is a feature event of the South Louisiana Running Series. I was asked to write a high-level recap for Claim Your Journey, which you can read HERE, but I want to expand on the details.  It was my first 10K after all!

Bayou Segnette State Park

The race was held down in Westwego, LA at the Bayou Segnette State Park, about an hour south of me. When I pulled up to Bayou Segnette State Park, it was very cloudy, with 12 mph winds cutting through me!  I had made the decision to sign-up on race day instead of pre-registration, and was directed to a trailer to fill out the form.  All in all – less than 5 minutes to complete and get on my way.  A map of the race course was posted on a sign outside the registration tables – it was a set of 2 loops – and an out and back along the river.


At 8:00 am, the ½ mile race started.  At 8:15 am, the participants gathered to listen to the race rules, sing the national anthem, and line –up for the race start.  The 2-mile and the 10K participants started together – with a turnaround at Mile 1 for the 2-milers.  There was a water stop at Miles 2 & 4, with plenty of happy volunteers to cheer on the runners!

Mile 1 looped around the Wavepool gathering area – crossing wooden bridges and passing through playground areas.

Mile 1

Mile 2 was along the main road leading to Mile 3, a loop around the campground area. There were many car horn beeps and waving campers along the path!

Mile 2

Mile 3

Miles 4-5 led back to the main road, and ran the length of the Bayou, with the turnaround at 4.5 miles. This was a long, cold stretch, and the winds were at full force in both directions.

Mile 4

Mile 5

Mile 6 led you back over the wooden brides and into the Wavepool gathering area.

Mile 6

You could even see a glimpse of the finish line through the trees!  You then round the bend, enter the parking lot, and smile for the photographer as you sprint to the finish line (or in my case…pretend you do not see the photographer!)  The finish line was segregated into women on the left, men on the right, with one volunteer calling out the time as you cross, and another volunteer handing out your place ticket.

Round the bend...

Sprint to the finish!

There was plenty of food and refreshments to refuel: Water, Gatorade, Spaghetti, Chips, Bananas, and Doughnuts. There were prizes for the top three overall men and women. There were also a few prizes for the top finishers in each age group. The overall male won with an astounding time of 32:28. The overall female won with a remarkable time of 38:25.

So how did I do?  Pretty good, if I say so myself!  I was the 13th overall female with a time of 54:17.  My GPS said 6.32 miles, but I was assured that the distance is a true 6.2 miles.  I’ll take it!

Overall, a small crowd of runners and a small crowd of volunteers, but a greatly organized race and racing atmosphere!


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