Ever Tried Peppered Yak Hash?

What would you say if you were given the chance to taste some exotic dishes?

If alligator, yak, duck, elk, wild turkey, antelope, caribou, and frog sound delicious to you, then you fit right in with the crowd at LaFourche’s Wild Game Supper, hosted by the Larose Regional Park & Civic Center.  The 14th annual Wild Game Supper featured a wide variety of game-centric dishes prepared by community volunteers, as well as live music, animal mounts/taxidermy, and an auction.

I had a last-minute invite from a friend at work, and I thought…why not?  What better opportunity to expand my palate?  My workplace is a sponsor for the event, so we were entitled to early seating, complete with a personal waitress!  All dishes were brought to the table in little soup containers, with just enough in them to really get a taste of the dish. 

Some of the items on the menu:  Peppered Yak Hash, Red Deer Spaghetti, Nutria, Roasted Raccoon, Rabbit in Apple Sauce, Turtle Soup, Bison Loins, Blood Stew, Duck Oyster & Andouille Gumbo, Alligator Sauce Piquante, Fried Kangaroo Backstrap, Redfish Courtbouillon, Deer Sausage, Sweet & Sour Wild Boar, Antelope Alfredo, Fallow Stir Fry, Wild Rice and Quail Jambalaya, White Oyster Soup, Cajun Duck Spinach Wraps, and Fried Frog Legs (really does taste like chicken!).  (The italicized entrees were ones I didn’t get to eat – or wouldn’t eat, i.e. Blood Stew – YUCK!)

My favorites of the night:  Cajun Duck Spinach Wraps (Appetizers), Peppered Yak Hash (Amazing!), Alligator Sauce Piquante, Sweet & Sour Wild Boar, and Fallow Stir Fry!

My least favorites of the night: Fried Kangaroo Backstrap (too…chewy?) and White Oyster Soup (raw oysters aren’t my favorite!)

This night happens once a year to honor the best of Louisiana – tradition, culture, and love of all things Cajun – and I was very excited to be a part of it!

What’s the most exotic food you have eaten?

3 thoughts on “Ever Tried Peppered Yak Hash?

  1. Those all sound so yummy!!!

    The most exotic food I’ve eaten is raw horse – not here in the states, but while I was visiting Tokyo, Japan. It was served sashimi style and very chewy. Not something I’d try again. 😛

    • Wait, minus the kangaroo. Not sure if I coulda done that one unless someone told me what it was AFTER I ate it! 🙂

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