February Rewind

Miles Run:
76.4 Miles
I finished the last five weeks of training for the 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon!  I have had some stellar PRs on my long distance runs.  I also incorporated sprint workouts every other week…and I really think they helped!

R&R NOLA Training Week 8
R&R NOLA Training Week 9
R&R NOLA Training Week 10
R&R NOLA Training Week 11
R&R NOLA Training Week 12

Races Run:
Run on the Bayou 10K (RECAP)

Fitness Exercise:
Walking, Elliptical, Strength Training

Fun Facts:

  • I signed-up with a friend from work to do “Buddy Training” with a personal trainer!  What could be better than proper motivation and guidance once a week with my strength training?!
  • Hubby and Father-in-Law updated the back patio – including recessed lighting, new fan, and a new grill!  Up next…new patio furniture!
  • Mardi Gras 2012 was pretty low-key.  I went to my first Covington parade with a few friends…and scored some fantastic blinky throws!
  • I subscribed to the 1 month free trial of Netflix – and I can’t get enough of GLEE or GREEK (the TV series) – I’m so addicted!  I finished up Seasons 1 & 2 of GLEE, and I’ve already caught up on 4 seasons(of 6) of GREEK!  Yes – I realize I have no life when the hubby is out-of-town!  Next up: Downtown Abbey.
  • Valentine’s Day was relaxed, but fun.  I got my hubby two really awesome Sports Memorabilia Frames to represent all our first professional sports games together: San Francisco Giants (baseball), and New Orleans Saints (Football).  Up next:  New Orleans Hornets (Basketball).  (FYI – www.thatsmyticket.com is awesome!!!)
  • We found out that my hubby will start his new position in April!  That means…no more working a 14 & 14 schedule offshore!


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