The 25 Challenge: Half to Run!

I just finished my 2nd half marathon last weekend…and already, thoughts of future races are consuming me!

I was recently inspired by friend, and fellow blogger, Chelsea to intermix my love of running with my love of traveling.  Many people have heard of the “Run a Marathon in 50 States” Challenge – but I have no real desire to run a marathon at this point in my life.  I also want a challenge that fits my current state of mind – so I have decided to run a half marathon in half the states!  I don’t really have a time goal in mind…I just think it is something fun to strive towards.  And once it’s all added up, that is 327.5 miles across 25 states!

Challenge accepted!

I have completed two half marathons to date (review my first race experience  HERE) in my new home state of Louisiana.  And I have already expressed interest in running one from my hometown in West Virginia and one from my beloved Ohio.  I would also like to run one from California, since I lived there for four years.  And while I’m at it, I also lived in D.C. during an internship, so sign me up there!  And then I have my eye on one in Virginia Beach, where my maid of honor from my wedding lives.  So that’s only 19 more!  Wanna help me out?  Scope out some races near you and let me know if one sounds interesting.  Or better yet…let me know your favorite half marathon course!  Maybe we could even meet IRL (In Real Life!) if you decide to run with me!

  1. Louisiana – The Gulf Coast Half Marathon (Completed 10.09.2011.  2:07:29) & 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans (Completed 03.04.2012. 2:04:50)
  2. West Virginia – Parkersburg News & Sentinel Half Marathon
  3. Ohio – Nationwide Insurance Columbus Half Marathon
  4. California – ??? So many choices !!!
  5. Virginia – Virginia Beach (Rock ‘n’ Roll vs. Yuengling Shamrock)
  6. D.C. – National Half Marathon (Rock ‘n’ Roll series)

There are also a few websites dedicated to Half Marathon maniacs, such as Half 2 Run and 50 States Half Marathon Club.  Fellow blogger Christie (Roller Koester Runs) is a member of Half 2 Run, and as it looks like she loves it, I am thinking about joining as an extra place to keep track of my races and future race locations!

Thank you all for following my running journey!


4 thoughts on “The 25 Challenge: Half to Run!

  1. I am so excited for you, Jen! The half-marathon is definitely an addicting race. I, too, didn’t have much desire for full marathons, so this was a natural transition. Halfs are still tough and a major accomplishment!

    A great thing about Half 2 Run is that it is a lifetime group, there is no deadline! There are also giveaways from time to time, in addition to race discounts. Come join!

    Also, we should definitely plan to run a race together sometime- how fun would that be?! Maybe we can do each other states =)

  2. I thought my other comment came through but I don’t see it so not sure! Anyway, way to go!!! Keep kickin butt girl! I know you’ll crush all those Halfs!!!

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