Flintstones Vitamins? Yes Please!

When’s the last time you popped a vitamin in your mouth?  How about a Flintstones vitamin?  That long, huh? 

Wanna know a secret…I don’t take vitamins.  I know, I know – I was raised better than that.  As a child, I would chew a Flintstones (or some animal-shaped) vitamin every morning!  It seems that I developed good habits early on…but then…I totally dropped the ball.  I’ve tried getting back on the vitamin bandwagon a million times, but it never seems to stick.  All the Adult or Women’s vitamins I’ve tried almost always upset my stomach, which logically leads me to STOP taking the vitamin.  

A couple of months ago, my hubby picked up a bottle of the gummy Flintstones vitamins.  At the time, I giggled like a school girl at the preposterous idea that I would eat a child’s vitamin, but apparently, I’m not the only adult with vitamin issues.  Forget the fact that they are YUMMY…they are packed with nutrients that even an adult can benefit from.  And I’m not alone…there are even directions for adult usage on the label.  Adults: Chew two gummies daily.

That is certainly something I can yabba dabba doo (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).  And the fact is – I am now taking my vitamins…every day!

Do you take any vitamins?


One thought on “Flintstones Vitamins? Yes Please!

  1. mmm.. I remember taking those as a kid – but the hard ones. I always hopped a red or purple one would drop in my hand 🙂 they were so good lol

    I take a one a day vitamin for women.. It also upsets my stomach – so i make sure i take it when i’m eating – I also take omega 3s which also I need to take with food – – otheriwse any supplement seems to harsh on it’s own.


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