Arms & Abs Galore!

Last night’s training session was hard-core!!!  Our trainer, Lori, hit us with Arms and Abs Galore!

Not familiar with some of the exercises?  Don’t worry I have included some pictures and steps below!

Demo via: SparkPeople

This was the first time I was introduced to TRX.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is built around a set of nylon straps that create resistance from two sources always at your disposal: your body weight and gravity.  Simply lock the straps to any elevated fixture – such as a pull-up bar, door, or tree branch – and you’ll instantly add new dimensions to your training.  Since I don’t know enough about the system, I went to YouTube to highlight some examples.

Rear Lunge (without the hop)

Low Row (Go to 2:57) and Push Up (Go to 3:28)

Still loving these circuit workouts!  If you get a chance, send me a note or an email and share some of your favorite workouts!  Good Luck! 


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