Turtles and Gators and Swamp People…Oh My!

We always have fun when my mother-in-law comes to visit!  Some past adventures include a Hornets Game, Home Decorating, and Bourbon Street.

This past visit, she suggested we visit Kliebert’s Turtle & Alligator Farm in Hammond, LA.  Have you ever watched an episode of Swamp People?  You know…the one where men wrestle alligators?!  To be honest, I was totally excited from the moment she mentioned it!  Although I was a lil’ skeptical of the fact that it was the home of the original “Swamp People” and thought it would be a tourist trap…we ended up having a BLAST!  This was one adventure that I just knew my hubby would never try with just a request from me because it was one of those silly things to do on my Louisiana Bucket List, but would just love to do because his mother asked!  Hey…I take all the help I can get!

T-Mike was our tour-guide, and he was excellent at explaining farm life, animal habits, and his experience on the TV show.  He was very interactive with the whole audience, and put a lil’ extra focus on the kids!  We learned about the turtle farming business, the alligator farming business, and also a few other random animal facts.  

Then we were guided to the 5-6 year old alligator pond.  We got to watch the guides wrestle a 6-year old alligator – and then were given the chance to touch and/or sit on the alligator.  The hubby looked like he was auditioning for Alligator Dundee…and the mother in law was content to sit back and take our pics.  But I, OF COURSE, dominated that alligator!!! 

Then we were led to the back ponds, where they keep the original (56-year-old) alligators on the farm!   I cannot even capture how HUGE these things were.  Their heads alone were prolly the length of my arm!   



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