Kettlebell (K)lassics

via: Women's Health

Yesterday’s training session was Total Body Toning with Kettlebells!  So what exactly is a kettlebell?  Well, a kettlebell basically looks like a cannon ball with a round handle on it.   They come in various weights and various brands.  Though you’ve probably seen kettlebells at your gym, you may have been led to believe they were too risky to use without the supervision of a certified trainer.  Oh wait…it’s just ME that needs supervision?!  In all honesty, you CAN do these workouts on your own, once you learn the proper form.  Today’s workout was adapted from WomensHealth, and I included pictures to help demonstrate proper form.

Back to the workout…we did stairs again for our warm-up.  5 flights of stairs…3 times!  We used 10 lb, 12 lb, and 15 lb kettlebells during this workout, but make sure you choose the right weight for you.  Starting with the first move, complete each exercise back-to-back without resting.  Rest for one minute, then repeat for a total of two or three circuits.  We did two rounds yesterday.  And our trainer included push-ups to mark the start of a new set – just to spite me, I believe, since I loathe push-ups.  Then again…I did sign up because I NEED someone to push me…so I guess I can forgive her.

Around the Body

Dead Lift

Figure 8s

Half Get-Ups

Front Squats



Side Plank Dips


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