Jump Around!

Having a trainer for the months of March and April really opened me up to a lot of new exercises, and experiences!  Many of the workouts I completed were based on strength and circuits…and I LOVED IT!  And it seems that I’m not the only one who has been on a circuit kick lately, devouring up any and all bits and pieces that we can find.  Enter PINTEREST.  I absolutely love this site…and often wonder why someone didn’t come up with it sooner!  Remember all those times you copied a pic from a website and emailed it to yourself…or pasted it into a Word Doc so you would remember?  No longer needed.  Just “Pin” your inspiration to one of your boards, i.e., Fitness or Home Decorating, and you have the picture, link, and your thoughts!

I also present to you, fellow blogger and runner, Christie at Roller Koester Runs.  She is “All About Circuits” and is going to blog and pin about circuits she discovers during the month of May.  So, won’t you please join us in our quest for finding awesome circuits?  Leave a comment below telling me where you get your inspiration…or follow us on Pinterest and share the circuit love!

Another great resource for circuits: Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.  I love browsing through her list of at-home circuits when I have a night off from running/training, and just want a lil’ something to get my heart pumping.  She originally posted a 30 minute Jump Rope Circuit, but it looked pretty intense, so I was excited to find a shortened version.  Last night I tried the Quick Jump Rope Circuit, a 20 minute workout, which totally kicked my ass!  I’m just saying!  The workout is designed for 1 full minute of exercise with 30 seconds of rest between exercises.  It is very fast paced…and had me sweaty in no time!  And no joke…the jump rope part (only every other exercise) really makes your calves cry out in pain!  Enjoy!!

via: PBFingers.com


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