The TRX Experiment

I briefly mentioned TRX in a past post, but my trainer thought she would give me a chance at a full TRX experience.  That was two weeks ago.  And I basically haven’t written about it because 1) I couldn’t remember all the moves and had to ask my trainer to help me document! and 2) I was so incredibly sore that I didn’t know if I wanted to share with you!  Granted…I’m someone who always gives 110% and could have prolly taken it a bit less hard-core…but Lori assured me that she felt the same way the first time she used it.  It is such a unique experience (training on body weight & gravity) that I don’t know how to accurately explain it…

via: Google Images "TRX"

Basically the TRX suspension trainer is a special set of straps and handles that allow for portable, body-weight based training that can help build strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability for people of all fitness levels.  To look at it, you would think it’s a set of truck straps with gymnast rings attached at the ends!  It was designed by a Navy Seal as a “go anywhere” workout system a few years back, and it seems that it has done nothing but grow in popularity in fitness circles across the country. 

I really have mixed feelings about this workout session.  Although I like to document everything that I try, I must caution that I feel this is a very intense workout, and should only be attempted with a trainer or after being shown the proper techniques.  I wish I had taped this session…because you might have laughed at how much effort I put in to all the simple movements!!!  You may think to yourself that suspended push-ups are way easier without your body weight…but no, you would be wrong…I felt like I was lifting two of me!  And mountain climbers…forget it…I felt like I was clawing at the floor!  Granted, I am not the most graceful person alive…but at least I gave it a shot.  However, with all my swirling negativity, I do think that if you are looking for a change of pace, or a more challenging workout, then you should definitely look into this!  It is a truly good workout…and I promise you that you will feel the full effects the next day!  If you want some more ideas of how the moves are done, I also recommend searching YouTube videos (example of beginner exercises HERE) for the full effect.  ENJOY!


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