April Rewind

Fitness Activity:
49.7 Miles Run
32.7 Miles Walk
13 Hours, 17 Minutes Elliptical
7 30-minute sessions w/Personal Trainer

Races Run:
Crescent City Classic 10K
I ran this race to help motivate a friend who was running her first ever race!
1:07:53 (10:57/mile)

Crescent City Classic 10K!

Fun Facts:

  • I attended my first ever CRAWFISH BOIL!  The hubby, a friend, and I met up with a group at a campground and spent the evening hanging out and chatting and cooking some grub!  I had an absolute blast!!  And no, I did not suck the juice out of the heads…I’m not quite there yet!!!  YUCK!
  • I made a one-day trip to Houston for work…a “knowledge transfer” session.  It made for a very long day – 6 am flight to Houston, 6 pm flight back to New Orleans.  And a 45 minute drive both ways!  But on the flip-side…I was able to learn a lot from another employee for my upcoming project.
  • I got to mark off another item on my NOLA Bucketlist – run the Crescent City Classic 10K!  It was great supporting a friend in her first race!  And…I also got to meet up with my best friend who lives down in New Orleans.  It was also her first “adult” race…or first race since college!  She was a speedy rabbit…and I was so proud of her for finishing strong!!!
  • The hubby and I attended our company picnic.  It was held at the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, LA.  Although we had fun…it was very “family” oriented…and as you know…we just aren’t there yet.  They were offering free safari tours, but the hubby and I thought we would come back one day when it’s a bit less crowded.  I can’t wait: Giraffes, Kangaroos, Camels, Zebras, Deer, and Oryx!!!
  • I was selected at work to be a part of a team that was presenting our IT accomplishments and strategy to the Corporate CIOs.  We met all of the “higher-ups,” ate lunch with them, and presented posters.  It was a fantastic networking opportunity!



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