Freaky Consistent

Monday night, I went out for a run.  And I convinced myself to do a long run.  I took Friday off because I wasn’t feeling the best, and opted for an afternoon nap instead of a run.  And Saturday was a full day of Matron of Honor duties with my best friend down in NOLA.  And Saturday night I went to a Crawfish Boil…and there may or may not have been alcohol involved.  So Sunday was spent indoors pounding the elliptical pedals.

And so, again, after verifying with myself that I was a slacker this weekend, I confirmed that my run should be a long run.  I decided to run 6 miles.  I ended up running 8 miles!  And I felt fantastic!!  It was literally one of those runs where I was at a good, comfortable pace, yet still pushing myself.  And when the 3 mile turn-around came up, I thought…I’ll just get to 3.5 and make it 7 miles.  And when the 3.5 mile turn-around came up, I thought…go ahead and make it 4!  I ran along The Trace, towards Covington, and finally made it to the I-12 underpass!  It felt so good so come so far.  And now that’s its done, I still can’t believe I just went out for a “casual” 8 mile run.  It was just me, the path, handheld water, and some music….

PROOF – made it to the I-12 underpass!

…and some freaky consistent splits!!!  2 of 8 miles were a 9:17 pace.  4 of 8 miles were a 9:33 pace.  That just leaves 2 rogue miles. 

Not too shabby for a “casual” 8 mile run!


One thought on “Freaky Consistent

  1. You are a rock star! I would love to say I just went on a “casual” 8 mile run. If I went on an 8 mile run, you might want to call the paramedics. 😉


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