TRX – Take 2

Tuesday morning I had a solo session with my trainer.  When I asked what we were getting in to…she was grinning madly as she turned to show me…TRX.  I immediately blurted out, “You hate me, don’t you?”  

As promised, it was a fast-paced, almost non-stop 30-minute session.  And although I didn’t collapse on the floor at the end of the workout like I did the first time around, my muscles were screaming and my heart was ready to pop out of my chest…but this time around it was in an “it hurts so good” way.  And to be honest, it was almost fun.  Almost.

I admit, the first time I saw TRX, I thought, “It’s a pair of nylon straps – how challenging can that be?”  If you remember from my first TRX Experience, I found out that it was pretty damn challenging.  Familiar movements like rows, push ups, and lunges felt very solid and heavy to me, and I really didn’t know how “easy” to make the exercises, so I went full-blast.  But when I couldn’t walk for two days after that workout, I knew that this time around I could make the exercises as easy or as hard as I wanted by simply moving my feet a few inches forward or back.  And I believe that it’s better to start on the “easy” side, and gradually dip lower/stand further/push harder the more you understand how the fluid movements affect you.  Below are some great pics of the above exercises.

Chest Press

Narrow Row

Sliders w/Deep Lunge

Tricep Extensions

Back Fly

Pistol Squat

Power Pull “Reach Up”

Power Pull “Reach Back”

Balance Lunge

Suspended Rear Lunge

Sprinter Starts

Squat Jumps

So tell me…have you tried TRX?  If yes, did you like it and would you go again?  If not, does it sound like something you would like to try?


3 thoughts on “TRX – Take 2

  1. I was introduced to TRX by my PT about 4 months ago and haven’t looked back since. My fitness levels, toning and core stability have increased more rapidly using the TRX system as part of my workout regime than in the 2 years prior. Have you tried any of them standing on the Bosu ball? Just another progression I have found to really propel some of the exercises. Great post.

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