Zip Lining in Cozumel


Welcome to Part Two of our anniversary cruise recap!

Yesterday’s post covered the “fun at sea” days on the cruise.  Today’s post will cover the third day of our cruise – my favorite day – the Anniversary Adventure in Cozumel!!

On Saturday morning, our ship docked in Cozumel, Mexico.  Nick and I previously booked an excursion through the cruise to enjoy a day of zip lining and couldn’t wait to get off the ship and start our day of fun!  After breakfast, we headed off the ship and met with a group of about 20 other cruisers to head to Fly High, a neat zip line course about 5 minutes from the port.

Once there, we were outfitted in some super sexy safety gear.

After a brief safety overview, we were ready to get zippin’!  This was my first time, so once I was all hooked up, I let out an excited scream as I was pushed off the platform.  There were six towers that we got to zip through – and then we did the course a second time.  It was an absolute blast!  The crew was fantastic and funny and made the outing an excellent experience.

It was so exhilarating and we were very happy with our excursion selection.  Super fun!

Then we were given a taxi ride back to the El Cid resort, where we snorkeled for 1 hour and then hit the beach.

After soaking up some Mexican sun,  we debated on catching a taxi to the town of San Miguel, but decided to stay out and about in the port town, which resembled a very colorful outdoor mall.  So we walked the few blocks back to Puerta Maya for a late lunch and some shopping.  We explored the jewelry shops, and t-shirt shops, and souvenir shops.  And I made sure to act like a tourist and take lots of random pictures!

I was adamant about eating a Mexican meal in Mexico, so we headed over to Three Amigos restaurant.  And it was a happenin’ atmosphere, with dancing and a free margarita and balloon hats!  Not to mention that the food was fabulous – I chose the Taco meal and Nick chose the Chicken Nachos.

I hope you have enjoyed the recap of our Anniversary Adventure in Cozumel!


2 thoughts on “Zip Lining in Cozumel

  1. Wow the pictures are fantastic You both look great and having lots of fun! Would love to do a zip-lining in Canada (even though I am scared of heights) It was great fun,though we did ours in the rain.:( . Love the look of those cocktails too!

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