20-Minute Cardio Combo!

Hi friends!  Last night’s workout was, again, inspired by Pinterest:

And wow – it was an awesome Cardio/Strength combo.  I actually pumped out 2 rounds in about 17 minutes (7.5 minutes set 1, 1 minute rest, 7.5 minutes set 2, 1 minute rest)…so I rounded it out with 3 full minutes at the end: 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 minute leg lifts, 1 minute sit-ups.

Now I’m off to do a nice, long cardio workout.  And then I plan to sit down and write-up a few posts highlighting my latest Houston trip!  A few restaurants to try out…and a few new places to run.


One thought on “20-Minute Cardio Combo!

  1. This workout looks like so much fun! I am planning on doing it tomorrow morning in addition to a little pilates workout. 🙂 I love new workouts!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Houston!!

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