June Rewind

Fitness Activity:
33.1 Miles Run
20.7 Miles Walk
10 Hours, 20 Minutes Elliptical
4 30-minute circuits, 3 Jillian Michaels Videos

Races Run:

Fun Facts:

  • Or not so fun.  I waterlogged my iPhone when I got caught in a torrential downpour while running in Houston.  Wah-Wah.  I now have to wait until August to replace it (unless I want to pay $250 for an “early” upgrade!)  HOWEVER, I did find 2 new running parks near downtown Houston. 
  • On June 9th, the hubby and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary!  We took a 4-day cruise down to Cozumel, Mexico and had a BLAST!  We did a Zip-line adventure, ate authentic Mexican food, and soaked up the Mexican sun!
  • I spent an extra weekend in Houston hanging out and catching up with my college roomie!!!  She now lives in Del Rio, TX…so we decided to “meet in the middle!”  It has been a couple of years since we last saw each-other…so it really made me reminisce about the “good ol’ days!”  We did a mani/pedi, ate fabulous food, did a lil’ bit of shopping…and just caught up on life!!!
  • While in Houston, I treated my palate and explored many fabulous restaurants: Torchy’s Tacos, La Madeleine, III Forks, Benihana, Don Shula’s Steakhouse, Birraporetti’s, and El Tiempo Cantina.
  • Speaking of Houston, the whole reason I was there was for a week-long training class to complete my “Black Belt” in Lean Sigma!!!  I need one more project (with significant savings) to be officially certified… but I’m almost there!  I’m very glad that my company supports this training and am proud of myself for learning this skill set.


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