Daydream: Jeju Island, South Korea

Hello friends!  Today’s weather is very “tropical” – hot and muggy, with intermittent rain showers.  So now I’m dreaming about this “real” tropical location…Jeju Island, which lies about 50 miles south of the Korean peninsula.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island comprises three noteworthy sites: Geomunoreum lava tubes, Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone,and Mount Halla (pictured).  UNESCO considers Geomunoreum the finest lava tube system in the world due to its multicolored and elaborate rock formations.  The Seongsan Ilchulbong lava cone rises starkly from the ocean, making for an impressive sight.  Mount Halla features waterfalls, rock formations, and a lake-filled crater at its peak. (SOURCE)

3 thoughts on “Daydream: Jeju Island, South Korea

  1. wow…cool, amazing picture:) I have been to south korea myself but never been to Jeju Island!!! Definitely need to go back someday!!!


    Sorry to have drop a link in here but don’t allow to log in:(( So weird:)) Will come by from time to time;))

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