Pinterest – An Inspiration Jackpot

Sometime last year, I discovered Pinterest, an amazing website that allows  you to “pin” pictures from various websites to your own “boards.”  And let me tell you…I felt like I hit the inspiration jackpot!

Rather than email yourself link after link of pictures of hairstyles, clothes, or room designs that you love, you can store all of these ideas in one place!


Warning: Pinterest is highly addicting.

You can find amazing pictures of anything pertaining to organization, craft ideas, fitness quotes, inspirational sayings, adorable animal photos, and wedding ideas!  You can then sort these photos into different “boards” so they’re categorized, and share them with others on Pinterest.  You can also browse the boards of people you follow – or search the “Everything” tab, which I did for about a million hours this past weekend –  to get additional random inspiration!

You may find me on Pinterest HERE.

I started with fashion…then DIY projects…then Home Decorating…then recipes…then Fitness inspiration (aka – the post about my My Fitness Bucket List!).  And now..I’m pinning picture after picture of travel destinations – aka – my Daydream List – many of which are featured here on the blog!

I am really looking forward to sharing some future Pinterest posts with you!  In fact…I have a fun new obsession to share with y’all tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest – An Inspiration Jackpot

  1. Get out…I am thinking to write something about pinterest also…I mean seriously!!!! Cus I found out a lot of other reader on my site do not use pin it button and it’s such a waste when they have so many beautiful photos!! Also, using pinterest is one of the greatest social media that allow people to follow your blog! cus they see what they like…then they will click into the website. It work for me:P And try to google how to add a “pin it” button “on” your website and not just on your computer….let me know if you have any question;)



  2. I just wrote about Pinterest post. all blogger should all have Pinterest! IT’s the best way to find inspiration:)
    You should also get a “pin it” button for your post:)…arh!!! I am so sad today cus all of a sueden my “pin it” button stop working!!! I don’t what happened!!! maybe I tweaked the code on my wordpress site and crash the pin it button!! I spent like 3 hrs tried to fix it but still with no luck!!! I almost want to kill myself:P..well let’s see later whether it’s gonna fix itself!!!ahhhhhhhhh



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