Have you seen my…Motivation?

Hello friends!  Today is September 6th, and I just realized that I have not blogged in almost a month!!!  Oops.  In fact, you may have noticed that I wasn’t around much over the last few months.  Everyday I make a list of things that must get done, and believe it or not, blogging is always on my list.  It never fails, though, that when things get crazy busy, blogging always, always, always gets put off.  But If I’m being honest, I needed a break.  From fitness, from blogging, from reading…and from all the daily stressors in my life.  I was starting to get really overwhelmed at work, and the stress just sort of seeped into my home life too.  And the end result?  My motivation went kaput.  Literally.

I was most definitely in an exercise rut.  I was determined to continue my long-distance training, but failed miserably at achieving anything sub-10:30 minute.  What happened to my 9-minute miles???   And strength training 2-3 times a week – phew – I barely had the motivation to pick-up a 5-lb weight, yet alone do 3 reps of 12 of something!  And I just smirked to myself when I turned off Jillian Michaels in the first three minutes of her 30-Day Shred routine!  Sorry, Jillian…your energy was finally too much to handle!

And in the blogging sphere…my thoughts were like scrambled eggs – no coherent patterns to discern.  I just sat by and watched with sadness as my daily readership sank into the lower digits…wishing I had the time to share my life!

So yesterday, I finally snapped out of it.  Sound too easy?  You bet!  It’s actually been a mind shift…a mental game with myself to get motivated again.  But I’ve accepted that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my to-do list.  And that’s okay.  But I do miss writing…and I miss you guys.  So I’m making an effort to recharge and…


2 thoughts on “Have you seen my…Motivation?

  1. You go, girl!!! 🙂 Very proud of you for the mental revamp. I need to do that too. And it is really freeing once you just realize you aren’t Superwoman and can’t do everything. A lesson I’ve learned this year as well!

    I just officially signed up and paid to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!! I’m so excited and scared and think I might puke. 🙂 Lol. Thanks for being SUCH a great motivation to me!!! *hugs*

  2. It sounds like this time “off” from everything was much needed. 🙂 Work can definitely take a lot out of someone and the only thing you think about when you get home is putting your feet up and having your significant other bring you a glass (nay, a bottle) of vino. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does that! 🙂


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