August Rewind

Fitness Activity:
42.1 Miles Run
16.4 Miles Walk
10 Hours, 12 Minutes Elliptical

Races Run:

August Facts:

  • Hurricane Isaac.  Our first.   I am happy to report that we indeed weathered the storm.  We went without electric for about 40 hours…but ended up staying the night with some friends and using the time to catch up!   When we packed up and drove off, it was kind of an eerie feeling driving along the interstate with nothing but first responders and energy trucks.  I am always so amazed by people whose work requires them to enter a disaster area as others are told to stay away – they are my heroes!  We saw a significant amount of downed trees and downed power lines.  We also drove by parts of Mandeville and Covington that were severely flooded.  And it broke my heart to think that seven years ago these same people were subjected to Katrina.  Thank you all so very much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers during that scary time.


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