Daydream: Mount Hua, China

Thanks to Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats– I stumbled across this AH-MAZ-ING daydream!!! “Historically the location of several Taoist monasteries, Mt. Huashan is one of the most sacred and treasured mountains in all of China. Although a cable car has been built to take visitors to the summit at nearly 7,000 feet, experienced climbers are able to climb the centuries old, near vertical staircases to the top. Which option would you pick?” (PIC 1, PIC 2)


2 thoughts on “Daydream: Mount Hua, China

  1. I would probably want to take the stairs… but I’d be terrified to slip and then fall all the way back down! So that’s a tough question… I probably wouldn’t decide until I got there and saw it in person.

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