Algae…as a snack?!

So earlier this month, while perusing Twitter, I saw that I had a new follower.  ENERGYbits.  Hmm…and being the curious person that I am, I clicked on the new follower to check out their deets!  I tweeted back “Thanks for the follow! Love learning about and testing new products! :)”  I received an immediate response, “Well we’d love to share more info and send you a sample so you can be #PoweredByBits too!”  And so it began.  Later that day I received an email from the Brand Manager/Pro Sports with a lil’ blurb on ENERGYbits, and an offer to send me a sample for review.

I immediately stalked their website, trying to find out about this “new-to-me” product…and learned that it’s pretty much “new” to most people.  Even though the product (algae) has been around for half a billion years…this product line was launched nationally in May.  And my new-found knowledge? Algae actually has the highest protein content of any food in the world – it’s a marine vegetable!  Curious about their products?  See below:

Ummm…Yes, please!  I cannot wait to try this product.  And…I just might have a special offer for one of YOU!!!  More to come soon!


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