Group Exercise @ Work

Hello friends!  It’s been a bit since I talked fitness…so let’s catch up!  This week at work, I signed-up for (2) group exercise classes.  You see, our on-site gym offers a few classes during the lunch hour.  For some oddball reason or another, I had not yet taken advantage of these classes.  So, on Monday, I signed up for the 30 minute BOSU class.  And then on Tuesday, I took the 40 minute Circuit Sculpt class, followed by a 15 minute Awesome Abs class!

End result…in my true “I think I’m fit and can give 100% fashion”…my muscles are now crying…but it hurt so good!

Let me tell you…I forgot how much this lil’ sucker can get your heart beat up with just a few moves.  You can check out my first experience withBosu HERE!  You can perform familiar exercises – bicep curls, back extensions, lunges, abs – which challenges you to engage your core muscles to keep you centered and upright.  A few sample exercises are below, but  just GOOGLE it and you can find plenty more to satisfy your curiosity.  And if you see this lil’ gem at your local gym, I suggest you give yourself 5-10 minutes to get acquainted with it…it is a worthy workout companion!

BOSU Burpee

BOSU Mountain Climber

BOSU Squat

BOSU Side Lunge

BOSU Push-up

This class incorporated the Bosu, Body Bar, and small hand weights.  It was a true combination of arms, legs, shoulders, abs, and back! 

Good question!  My work gym also offers: Zumba, Cycle, Yoga/Pilates Fusion, Body Blast, and Lower Body Sculpt.  I think I am going to give each one of them a chance and see what I like…and also see what is hard for me personally.  I fully believe that exercise should be fun for you…but I also believe that the harder they are to complete, the more I need to focus on those areas!!!  I am especially excited over the next few months (hello, Holidays!) to have an excuse to “maintain not gain!”

Next week I will take more detailed notes on the exercises in each class.  Any suggestions on which classes you think I should take???  Until then…


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