30 Before 30 Update: 4 Months

via: Google images

“It’s time to apply your special brand of logic to draw a personal life map now that the Solar Eclipse is rattling your 9th House of Big Adventure.  Start by visualizing whatever you want to do over the upcoming months.  Then create a calendar and write down the critical milestones that you wish to accomplish.  Use this personalized tool to stay on track as you move toward fulfilling your most vital dreams.”  This was my 11/13/2012 horoscope via Twittascope.

Hmm…sounds like I need to get my butt moving to complete my “30 Before 30” in just 4 months!!!  I took a peek at my list and realized that yes, indeed, I need to pick a few items and mark them down in a calendar!

So here are the few items I think I can mark off in November/December timeframe: (#1) Try acupuncture, (#11) Surprise a stranger by doing something kind, (#23) Attend a late-night comedy show, (#14) Plan a college girls get-together… HELLO X-MAS PARTY!  I am also thinking that I would like to host a 30-Day Yoga Challenge (#2) on the blog in January.  Hmm…what else?  Perhaps in February I can do another 30 day challenge for (#17) a Fitness Program I have been wanting to try.  And I definitely think a girls trip to New Orleans & the French Quarter would cover (#9) Take a cooking class (New Orleans Cooking Experience) and (#16) Get my fortune told by a Fortune Teller!

See…I can do this!  So tell me…how are YOU coming along on YOUR lists?  What has been the most fun so far?  What will be the most challenging to complete?


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