2012 Jazz Half Marathon!


On Oct. 27th, I ran my third half marathon!  And now, I can claim a new PR!  My journey is below…

I woke up at 4:30 am on Saturday morning, grabbed a Luna bar, drank some water, and got dressed for the race.  Due to the cold front that moved in the day before, it was to be absolutely FREEZING for south Louisiana (in the low 50’s), cloudy, and windy!  But I was determined to still run in my shorts and tank top!

I drove over to Jenna’s house (my best friend from high school) so that her husband could drop us off at the start.  If you remember, this was to be Jenna’s FIRST half marathon experience!  She was strong in her training and we completed a 12-mile run the weekend before the race.  We were confident that we could finish this race together.  Once we arrived t Lafayette Square, we noticed that the streets weren’t too crowded, and the bathroom lines weren’t too long!  It was going to be a good day!  After a light jog around the park to warm-up, we wound our way to the start.  Look at us…we were READY to CRUSH this course!

I felt really good starting off, and was super glad to have a running buddy.  You see, I have this very common runners condition where I…start off too fast!  *Sigh*  But this time around, we promised each other that we would keep steady in the beginning so that we could finish strong.

The course started by Lafayette Square, led us down Poydras to Convention Center Blvd and back, a brief stint on Loyola past the Superdome, around the corner and down the street to Lee Circle, and then all the way down St. Charles street to the entrance of Audubon Park.  Once there, we looped around the park, went all the way back up St. Charles Avenue to Lee Circle, then finished down Camp street at Lafayette Square.

Around mile 5.5, we started to hear cheering from all the runners.  It was then that we saw the first runner coming back the other way!  AMAZINGLY FAST!!  We kept up a pretty strong, consistent pace, only grazing by the water stops every 2 miles to grab some water.

My photo journey along the course:  Through Audubon Park…

…and then flying past Lee Circle to hit mile 13 with everything I had left!

A huge thanks to my hubby who supported me every day, and also to all of you who have helped me along my journey.  I am feeling strong and determined, and I can’t wait to see what my last race of the year has in store for me!


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