KLUTCHclub Box #1 Reveal

I first saw an ad for KLUTCHclub in Cosmo magazine (Dec. 2012) and was instantly intrigued by the idea – “Motivation in Your Mailbox!”

The KLUTCHclub box is a monthly subscription-based service that provides samples of the latest health & fitness products for you to try.  You can sign-up for a 1-month, 3-month, or 1-year subscription.  There is a KLUTCHclub box for women or men. For each box, you will get different trial-sized products that range from diet bars to vitamins to soaps.  I decided to sign-up for the 3-month trial, and recently received my first box. I actually loved the packaging!   I thought it was cute and creative…and got me excited about the products.

When you open the box, you first see the Product Guide that explains the What, Why, and How of each project – which I loved!  The cover – which I thought was pretty catchy – states the following:

Problem: Falling victim to the snooze button and 2PM slump with zero energy to hit the gym.
How we solved it: Skip the caffeine IV, because we’ve put together health and fitness products to wake you int he morning, refresh your appearance and leave your skipping to the office to annoy your coworkers with all that newfound energy.

Here is what was included in the Women’s November “Energy Box”:

  1. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
  2. Wyman’s Blueberry Juice
  3. Amino Vital Endurance Packet
  4. Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Cleansing Bar
  5. Shakeology
  6. Juil $50 Gift Card
  7. Green Team Hawaii 3 single servings green tea & 1 serving coffee
  8. Psssssst Dry Shampoo
  9. Acacia Strength Tone Lengthen Workout Sampler DVD Did not receive…but had 2 packets of Nature’s Gate Papaya Body Wash
  10. GNU – Bar

Awesome selection, right?  In theory, I love services like this.  I love trying new products, and there is something fun about receiving a package each month with random products.  And I believe the pricing is really GREAT for over $50 of trial products in each box!!! 1-month subscription is $10/box +$8 shipping, the 3-month subscription is $9/box +$8 shipping, and the 1-year subscription is $8/box +$8 shipping.  I did the 3-months of KLUTCHwomen – $9 per box for a total of $24 – and total shipping was $27 – bringing my total to $51.

Are you interested?  Would you like to know how it works?

So final word…I have decided to join the Ambassador Program – so if you are interested, please let them know I sent you their way!  Click on the box below to direct you to their page…and if you need any more incentive…check out the deals below!

Special Offer good through Cyber Monday:
25% off Best of Box (over $100 value)
Use Code: BB25

Cyber Monday:
15% off 1 months: Cyber15
20% off 3 months: Cyber20
25% off 12 months: Cyber25


Product reviews to come soon! Until then…


4 thoughts on “KLUTCHclub Box #1 Reveal

    • You’re welcome! I think it can be daunting at times to find the right products for health/fitness…and also the right products for US. This at least gives us a few samples that we may have never known about – and can try without the guilt factor of spending $$$ on something we don’t like or use! Thanks again for stopping by!

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