ENERGYbits Review & Giveaway!

Hello friends!  Remember in my post HERE – where I talked about trying Algae as a snack?!  Well, I received a sample from ENERGYbits and am excited to share my review with you! 

I first heard about ENERGYbits when interacting with the company on Twitter.  I was immediately engaged by a friendly staff member, and then further intrigued by the product after stalking the website.  The products are all-natural algae-based nutrition to help improve endurance, energy, and health. My sample included a metal tin with about 50 bits, some informational reading, a press release, the founder’s bio, and some postcards.  I was impressed that I received so much information from the company – it really helped me to understand what their products are all about. 

What Are ENERGYbits?

ENERGYbits are 100% spirulina algae.  The cool thing about algae is that it’s a food, not a supplement.  It’s grown in water like hydroponic vegetables, then harvested, dried, and packaged.  Apparently it’s been sold in American for fifty years, but not marketed very well until now; however, it’s been popular in Asia for years!  For just one calorie per bit (recommend dose of 30 bits = 30 calories!), they deliver energy and endurance as a high protein, high performance snack food.  Spirulina algae has the highest concentration of protein in the world (about 3 times as much as steak) and the algae ENERGYbits uses is 100% organically grown and contains natural nitric oxide, 40 vitamins and minerals, Omega 3, and 64% protein – all which naturally boost energy, concentration, endurance, and performance without caffeine, chemicals, or sugar. And, since the protein is already in amino acid form, your body absorbs it instantly like a sponge.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional info that came in my packet:

Health Benefits

With just one calorie per tab, ENERGYbits claim to stop hunger cravings and give you consistent energy throughout your day or workout.  Spirulina algae also boasts many health benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Helps reduce anemia
  • Curbs hunger
  • Helps correct brain related disorders and depression

Sounds good to me!!!

How Do You Use Them?

The media packet included some tips on how to use ENERGYbits, which I found very helpful.


Powered By Bits – My Experience

Since my sample tin contained about 50 bits, I decided to break the product into two test runs of 25 bits, just to see if I felt the same after both. 

I first tried my ENERGYbits before a 5-mile Tempo run.  This was a treadmill run for me, since I didn’t trust myself to maintain the proper pace.  And since I’m not a huge fan of Treadmill runs, I thought – What better time to try out ENERGYbits than on a long, boring, treadmill run?!  

I opened the tin and my first thought was – this smells like fish food (if you ever had a fish tank, you know what I’m talking about!)  It’s true – the bits have a strong odor – so you could be put off by the smell if you aren’t open to trying new things.  But I’m sure it not the worst dietary supplement taste you’ve ever tried!  I swallowed 25 bits as a late afternoon snack (around 3:30 pm) to prep for my 4 pm run.  As with any new product, I wanted to allow myself enough time to get the product in my system to reap the full benefits!  I swallowed most of them with water (about 6 at a time) since according to the information packet, the taste is acquired.  But of course, to satisfy my curiosity (and yours!) I actually chewed one tab, just to see what the taste and texture was like!  And…it tasted odd…but not bad.  Kind of like what I imagine chewing on grass would taste like?!  What was bad was the way it stuck to my teeth – leaving behind a weird blackish/green residue (FYI – it’s temporary).  Oops!  I can certainly see why ENERGYbits recommends “swallowing” the bits with water.  But I suppose it could be an awesome conversation starter!

While on the treadmill I felt strong and energized and was able to maintain my fast tempo pace.  I wouldn’t say I felt more energized than normal, but I didn’t feel fatigued afterwards!  I think it was due to the ENERGYbits, because it was the only pre-workout “fuel” I consumed – specifically because I wanted to see how it would affect me.  Plus, not once did I burp up the algae taste during my run.  That’s a HUGE plus for me!

The second trial of ENERGYbits was before my 7 mile run.  I wanted to see if the lil’ bits could keep me full and energized (with nothing else but water) for a workout that lasted over an hour.  Same results!  I remained full and energized throughout my run…and no bad after-taste!!! 

I would definitely try ENERGYbits again, but maybe this time around mix them with a protien shake or fruit smoothie.  There are three other types of bits that would be worth trying too: RECOVERYbits (100% chlorella algea), SKINNYbits (100% spirulina algea), and VITALITYbits (50% spirulina and 50% chlorella algea).  You, too, can get samples from their Facebook page.


Would you like to try ENERGYbits for yourself?  Be sure to enter my giveaway today – running now through midnight of Monday, December 03, 2012 – for your chance to win!  Thank you to ENERGYbits for providing me with a sample to review and a sample to give to one of my awesome readers!  I will use a random number generator, so please leave a separate comment below for each entry!!!  That gives you a total of SIX entries – GOOD LUCK!  I will contact the winner via email and announce on the blog on Tuesday, December 04, 2012. (Open to US & Canada.)

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If you’re interested in learning more about ENERGYbits or any of the brands, check out their website HERE
*Disclaimer: All factual information about ENERGYbits, scans, and photos in this review are taken directly from the media kit or ENERGYbits website, and all opinions are completely my own.  Besides the sample, I was not compensated in any way. 
Have you made Spirulina Algae or Chlorella Algae a part of your diet?  Have you tried ENERGYbits?

17 thoughts on “ENERGYbits Review & Giveaway!

  1. I have tried them once and would love to have another sample to give them another try. I chewed them too and then brushed my teeth with water so I could swallow the bits that collected in my teeth!

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