YMCA Corporate Cup 5K


On Sunday I ran in the 32nd Annual YMCA Corporate Cup 5K – participating on one of 11 teams sponsored by Chevron.  Our team was “Chevron ChevRUN!”  The race is hosted by the New Orleans Track Club (NOTC) and all proceeds support YMCA Educational Services (YES!) adult literacy and workforce training programs.  Success stories from this program are similar to the one below:

“I hid the fact I couldn’t really read or write very well because I was ashamed.  My 30-year-old daughter didn’t even know.  When I told her, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I started crying.  I was afraid to tell her, but she just said, ‘You’re my dad. I love you.’  And now she’s the person that pushes me to keep going to classes when it’s too hard to push myself.”  YES! student, age 50.

The 5K race was scheduled to start at 8:30 am, so our teams gathered at the line at 8 am for meet & greet, pictures, and warm-up.  Look at us all below!


A Corporate Cup team consists of four runners.  In the years past, at least one runner must be female…but the rules were changed this year to allow for any combination of team members.  Teams are entered into divisions based on the number of employees in their company.  Div. 1: 1-100 employees; Div. 2: 101-500 employees; Div. 3: 501-2,000 employees; Div. 4: 2,001+ employees; Div. 5: Open Team.  Chevron was placed into Division 3, based on the number of our employees located in our Louisiana office.The course started on Roosevelt Mall – was an “out & back” through the City Park – and ended on the practice track.


So how did we do?  Our team was #5 overall in our division – total time of 1:27:38 with an average time of 21:55.  Our team placed #8 (male), #21 (female), #41 (male), #74 (female) overall.  And my teammate Amy placed as the 2nd overall female – AWESOME!

Team ChevRUN

Team ChevRUN

So how did I do?  Even though I felt like I did horrible (my legs were heavy the whole race and I just couldn’t get my breathing right!), actually have a new PR by a mere 4 seconds – 25:48 (8:09/Mile)!  I finished #74 of 788 finishers.  I placed #19 of 355 female.  Not too shabby!!!



Until the next race…



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