No Race = Breakfast Date + Evening Solo Run

Hello friends!  So Sunday morning I was supposed to run the 106th Anniversary Jackson Day Road Race 9K held in New Orleans, LA.  For those of you wondering, a 9K is 5.6 miles.  This would have been my second time running this race – and this time around I was going to race with Jenna.  Well…enter rain.  And by rain I mean freezing, pelting, rain that chills you to the bone.

I set my alarm for 6:00 AM – left the house by 6:30 AM – and arrived at Jenna’s house around 7:30 am.  And it was raining the entire time.  We were positive, however, that a race in the rain would be a challenge – but fun – so we headed out to the location of the race.  You had the option of parking your car at the beginning of the race and catching a bus back from the finish, or parking your car at the end of the race and catching the bus back to the start.  Seeing as we didn’t really want to fight the French Quarter traffic after the race, we chose to head to the race start, near City Park.  By this time, the rain is REALLY starting to come down.  We hopped out of the car and ran up to the Registration tent…but we were literally deflated – just not motivated to run an hour in that weather.  Being the mature adults that we are, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Man, it’s raining REALLY hard!

Jenna: I know – this is ridiculous.  You still want to run?

Me: Yeah!  Eh – we’re here already.  Yah…I think so.  Meh…  It’s really raining.

Jenna:  Yah.  It’s REALLY raining.  And cold.  But I don’t care either way – it’s up to you.

Me: You think we can do this?  In this?!

Jenna:  Sure we can.  But it’s not a 5K.  It will be an hour.  In this.  Cold. Rain.

Me: Yah.  I think we should not run.  Besides – I didn’t dress properly for this!!!  Why risk getting a cold?!

Jenna: Agreed.  Our dads would be proud of our grown-up decision!

And so it was settled.

Do you even know how awesome it is to have another runner who thinks/acts like you?!  It’s Awesome.  No guilt.  No hard feelings.  Just an understading that “It’s just a race.”

We decided on a BREAKFAST DATE instead!  Woo-hoo!!!  After trekking back to the car, driving back to Jenna’s to towel off and get into some dry clothes, we decided to try out a local “All-Day Breakfast” joint called Fat Hen Grocery on St. Charles Avenue.  We both ordered the Giant Pancake smothered in blueberries and pecans.  The place came recommended from a friend…and it did not disappoint!  The staff was friendly, the “meat” murals on the wall were entertaining, and the food was delicious.  After an hour of sipping coffee and just chatting, it was sadly time to go home.

Once home, I pretty much squandered the day away.  I honestly don’t even know where the hours went!  Late afternoon crept up on me and I lamented to the hubby that I should go for a run.  But pretty much – I was NOT motivated.  However, my wonderful hubby (who somehow listens GREAT when I really want him to forget otherwise) agreed with me that I needed to go out for a run.  In fact, he said, “You were prepared for a 5 1/2 mile run this morning…and now you want to NOT run?  I think you should get out there.”  First – shockingly he tried taking away my popcorn and candy privileges for our evening movie.  Humph.  Who needs popcorn and candy, anyway!? And then…to my horror…he said, “Why not try for just 3 miles…a measly 30 minutes.  Quick 10 minute miles.  Over before you know it.”  Oh no – he used MY line against me.

So I trudged to the bedroom to change into my running clothes…slowly picked up my phone and set the playlist while I stretched…mumbled “only 3 miles – then I get my popcorn” over and over…

And to my surprise – I had an AWESOME run.  I started strong, kept a strong pace, hit mile 3…and felt like I should keep going.  Why not try for 5 miles and make up some of my missed morning run?  End Result?  Awesome splits:

Mile 1 – 9:02
Mile 2 – 9:18
Mile 3 – 8:57
Mile 4 – 8:55
Mile 5 – 8:55

Not too shabby!


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