Daydream: Petra, Jordan


Today my thoughts are of wandering the streets of the fabled rose-red city of Petra.  One of the seven wonders, Petra is well-known as the earliest Nabataean city in south Jordan.   The main entrance to Petra is called the Siq; it has sides as high as 200 m (650 ft).   This gorge and the temple at the end of it (the Kazneh) were popularized in American culture in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


Of the 800 carved tombs in Petra, the Kazneh is the most famous. The name Kazneh means “treasure” and comes from the Bedouin belief that the Pharaoh chasing the Israelites hid his treasure in the urn at the top of the Kazneh.  (Source)



I hope you have enjoyed this amazing location!  Please check out this blog HERE for more stunning pictures!




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