Down & Out…But Now I’m Back!

Hello friends…it’s been a while!  It’s already been 6 weeks into the new year…and I have honestly never been busier in my life!  Besides travel, work, travel, life, work – I just recently recovered from nasty cold.   So, now that I have gained a lil’ bit of time back to have a REAL life, I will catch you up!

Snippets of my 2013:

We had a VERY WHITE Christmas!!!  We arrived back to Louisiana after a 2-week Christmas vacation in West Virginia!  I had a couple extra vacation days to round out my year…so I ended up with another week off work – Woo-hoo!

JenSnow JenSnow2

I had my first Bar Method class!  Sorry folks…by Bar Method I do NOT mean how to score free drinks at the bar!  I do, however, mean one of the best sculpting/leaning/stretching workouts I’ve ever done in my life!  Detailed post to come soon.


I spent a full Saturday in New Orleans with the bestie…we ditched the scheduled 9K run due to severe stormy weather…but had an awesome day date instead!  We decided to try out a local “All-Day Breakfast” joint called Fat Hen Grocery on St. Charles Avenue.  We both ordered the Giant Pancake smothered in blueberries and pecans…and it was heavenly! Post HERE.


I traveled to Houston for work – again.  Highlights: New running locations found!  House of Blues – VIP Style with The Captain Legendary Band!  Detailed posts to come soon!


I attended January’s “Restaurant Club” masquerading as a “Book Club” dinner at Bosco’s Italian Cafe in Mandeville.  Delish!  Best meals of the night: Baked Tortellini & Lasagna.


My hubby and I were Super Bowl Volunteers for the NFL Experience!


New running resolution this year is to maintain a good running base – sign up for a few half marathons – and finish the year with 750 miles!  January:  I ran just over 50 miles!  I didn’t quite reach my goal of 62 miles due to afore-mentioned nasty cold…but I was close!


And last but not least…enter February…and…MARDI GRAS!!!


What are your favorite moments of 2013 so far?



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