Nick’s Numbers – May

As I mentioned in a previous post, my hubby has decided to run his first half marathon!  I have been WAITING for this day to come.  The thing is – my hubby is super human.  Super smart.  Super charismatic.  Super athletic.  Honestly, all he has to do is say the word run, and his body is instantly prepared to kick ass.  I had to really try to convince him that he needed to start off slow…build his base…ready his mind and body for the committment.  So we agreed on a gradual increase over the first few weeks, depending on how he felt.  The thing is…he felt great.  Every run.  Every mile.  He sure broke a sweat in the southern humidity and heat…but never broke his stride.  In fact, he’s been pushing me!  Honestly.  It’s taken me a year and a half to get down to (and be comfortable with) 9 minute miles.  On day 1,  he ran a 9:33 mile.  On day 2, he ran a 9:09 mile 1, and 8:25 pace for half a mile.  I asked him what his target goal was…and again with the super human traits (super sweet and super disciplined)…he simply said, “Your goal is to break 2 hours for a half, so my goal is to help you with that.  We are going to train between 8:40-9:00 minute miles.”

 Sat – 5/18/2013 1.00
 Sun – 5/19/2013 1.50
 Tue – 5/21/2013 1.94
 Wed – 5/22/2013 2.16
 Fri – 5/24/2013 2.66
 Sat – 5/25/2013 3.04
 Sun – 5/26/2013 4.01
 Tue – 5/28/2013 4.00
 Wed – 5/29/2013 4.16
 Thu – 5/30/2013 4.83


So I mentioned above that we decided that we are going to work on “building a base.”  Our conversation went something like this:

Hubby: “What, exactly, does a base mean?”
Me: “When you can comfortably run three 3-mile runs per week, plus a longer run on the weekend.”
Hubby: “What do you mean by comfortable?”
Me: Hmm….how does one explain that?  “I don’t know…  It’s different for each person.  I guess where you can go out and just run 3 miles without you thinking about it.”
Hubby:  “Hmph.  Running one mile isn’t exactly fun.  You want me to enjoy three?!”
Me:  “Yep.”
Hubby: “OK.  I’ll let you know.”

HAHA.  That boy makes me smile 🙂  So…the next step was to create a schedule.  I showed him my massive spreadsheet which lists the half marathon training schedules from likes of Hal Higdon, Jeff Galloway, Runners World, Marathon Rookie, etc., and he said, “Can’t I just create my own?”  Here’s the 13-week program he designed (with one “swing” week):

NVK_Half Schedule


We all know that committing to a new fitness regime means getting the proper tools.  In this case, it meant new running clothes, a handheld water bottle, and proper fitting shoes!


Under Armour shirt!


Under Armour shorts!

Handheld Water Bottle


Nathan 10 oz. Handheld Water Bottle

Running Shoes
The boy likes bright colors…what can I say?!

ASICS Gel Noosa

Brooks PureFlow2


Accomplishment: First Solo Run!  I was in Houston for a girls weekend, and I received the following text message:

NVK_Solo Run

Funny: Squirting water into his face as he tries his handheld bottle for the first time!  (I only laughed so hard at this one because I did the EXACT same thing!  Come on…we ALL did!)



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