Making the switch to Bloglovin’

I know, I know…I’m only about a month behind on this update!  But if you’re a big-time blog reader like me, and you panicked with the bad news about Google Reader, (which shut down on July 1st), this post may ease some of your pain. For those of you who may be in the dark about Google Reader, it was a website that allowed blog readers to read all their favorite blogs in one place!  I have been reading all of my favorite blogs in Google Reader ever since I started my own blog, but due to the change, devoted a lil’ time to finding a suitable replacement.  Ultimately, I signed up for Bloglovin’.  If you use a different reader for your blogs, think about checking out Bloglovin’… it’s free and easy!


Also, if you’re a blogger and want to add the “follow this blog with bloglovin’” button you see on the right hand side of my blog, you can CLICK HERE for a tutorial. 

Simply click the icon and type in the name of your blog.  Then click “how to put this icon on your blog” and follow the instructions.  Since I use WordPress, I just copied and pasted the HTML code into a text box and then dropped the text box widget into the side bar to the right of my blog. (I promise it’s that simple!)  I also just downloaded the Bloglovin’ app on my phone, and so far it’s user-friendly.

Please be sure to follow Daydreams and Shoestrings on bloglovin’ if you aren’t already! 


Thanks again for all of the support for this blog…it means a lot and has been a fun “extra job” for me.  Just so you know, every click and view and comment makes my day!


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