Parasailing over Punta Cana!


This is Post #3 in the 6-Year Anniversary series.  I finally get to cross-off #6 of my “30 During 30s!” list.  Parasailing.  And it was totally worth it!!!  It was unbelievable how silent and serene everything is when you are that far above the sea…  I took my camera up with us in order to capture the moment.  One of the funnier parts of the excursion was that our guide was trying to sell us pictures that he took…so when he saw we had our camera out up in the air, he signaled for the driver to “dip us” in the water!!!  The hubby and I were laughing so hard trying to get the camera back in its waterproof baggie….but it was a blast!  Our legs skimmed the water briefly before we floated back up to a magnificent view! I am sure the entire experience (getting harnessed, dropped into the water for lift-off, floating in the air, falling down to the water to dip, and floating back up in the air before being reeled in) was only 10 minutes….but it felt like time stood still.

Adventure Time!

Adventure Time!

Down below...

Down below…

The boat that took us out to sea.

The boat that took us out to sea.

Safety First: Lifejacket - CHECK!

Safety First: Lifejacket – CHECK!


Going up…

In the air - so exciting!

In the air – so exciting!

Up, Up, and Away!

Up, Up, and Away!

Looking Down...

Looking Down…

View from above!

View from above!

Our resort from above!

Our resort from above!

Out at sea!

Out at sea!

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