Dominican Republic – Mamajuana Style!


This is Post #4 in the 6-Year Anniversary series.  It seems that anywhere you travel in the world, each country has its own native drink.  The native drink of the Dominican Republic is known as Mamajuana and amongst Dominicans, this tasty drink has gained somewhat of a mythical status.  Legend has it that Mamajuana acts as somewhat of a cure-all from everything from “la gripe” (the Dominican term for the flu) to a variety of ailments ranging from prostate to ovarian disorders.  However, Mamajuana has gained specific notoriety among Dominicans for its rumored ability to increase vitality.  It is said to be an extremely powerful natural aphrodisiac – it even says as much on the label (yellow lettering below)!



It's TRUE purpose...medicine

It’s TRUE purpose…medicine

Our First Encounter

When the hubby and I first entered the resort , our guide gave us a grand tour of the property, ultimately leading us up to our room.  As he showed us around the rooms, he stopped in the bedroom and asked why we came to the Dominican.  We mentioned that it was our anniversary, our first trip out of the US together, and we were ready to have some tropical fun!  He asked us if we had “Mamajuana” yet.  We both shook our heads NO, and stated that we had never heard of it.  Our guide got a HUGE grin on his face, points to the bed and states, “Ahhh!  Baby-maker.  You arrive as two…you leave as three!”  Then he points to my hubby and states, “Mamajuana make you VERY HANDSOME to your wife…and make you VERY HAPPY all the time.  Dominican man and wife never argue.  Only make love.”  Wait…what!?  I couldn’t stop giggling.  It was a very awkward moment…for sure.  We just received sexual AND marital advise from the mouth of a total stranger.  HAHA.

Our Second Encounter

Day Two.  Our actual Anniversary day.  Remember in the first post when I hinted that we toured the property and attended a presentation on all the local activities?  As we were whisked into the building to chat with another guide, he promptly asked us, “Have you tried Mamajuana?”  We both shook our heads NO, but told him that we were advised to try it.  He snapped his fingers and ordered us a shot, right then and there!!!  These Dominicans are serious about sharing their Mamajuana!  The hubby and I made googly-eyes at each other, and said, “Why not?!  Here’s to a good time!”  And whew…was it POTENT!  To the point that I physically shivered as it slid down my throat.  But as soon as the first shot glass hit the table, our guide ordered a second, stating, “Mamajuana for your Anniversary!”  I do have to admit…the second one was a wee bit smoother!

What is Mamajuana?

So what exactly is in Mamajuana?  Well, when you first see a bottle of it, you may be somewhat surprised as it looks like a bottle full of sticks and leaves.  Not exactly something you would want to drink.

Our souvenir bottle!  Check out those roots!

Our souvenir bottle! Check out those roots!

The sticks, leaves, and roots that you see are taken from various plants and trees in the Dominican Republic, which fill about half of the bottle.  Then the remaining space in the bottle is usually filled with dark rum (or red wine).  What we found typical with the “alcoholic” version of the drink, was red wine, Dominican rum, and honey.  Very potent!  We were told by our mountain guides on “The Real Dominican” Tour that it is debatable how long a specific bottle can last and how many times it can be reused.  Some people claim that the average bottle can be refilled 15 to 20 times, while others swear that there is no limit to how many times a bottle can be refilled.

How is Mamajuana drank?

Most people drink Mamajuana either as a “shot” in a shot glass or they sip it as a drink.  It is generally stored at room temperature and when taken this way, is usually served as such.  Some people like to drink it over ice, dilute it with water or mix it with coke. Sometimes it is enjoyed on the side with a beer or is taken as an after dinner liqueur.  Whatever your preference, there is no wrong way to drink Mamajuana.  For me…the quicker I got it down, the better!

Me and Mamajuana

And now…for your viewing pleasure….this is my week with Mamajuana!  The hubby thought my faces were just too funny to not capture on film!  Enjoy!

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