Chasing that Sub-2 Hour Half!

So I know I’ve mentioned MULTIPLE times that my goal this year is to break 2 hours in the half marathon!  The thing is…I’ve only ran one half marathon yet this year!  Ooops.  It’s really hard for me to believe how quickly this summer YEAR has gone.  It seems like I was just making New Years Resolutions…and preparing to add a few notches on my Half the States challenge…and now I am just days away from my second DESTINATION HALF MARATHON in sunny California!

June Distance:
56.6 Miles

Week 1: 17.8Miles
Week 2: 15.5 Miles
Week 3: 21.1 Miles
Week 4: 2.1 Miles

July Distance:
69.3 Miles
Week 1: 18.1 Miles
Week 2:  8.1 Miles
Week 3: 14.6 Miles
Week 4: 17.0 Miles
Week 5: 11.5 Miles

August Distance:
65.5 Miles
Week 1: 2.3 Miles
Week 2: 13.9 Miles
Week 3: 29.9 Miles
Week 4: 6.1 Miles
Week 5: 13.0 Miles

So my totals year to date are not exactly on target…but I’m still pushing out some decent mileage each month.  At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to run 750 miles; to get there, I would need to do 62.5 miles a month.  I am about a month off target…but still proud of myself!  (Green hit the target…yellow was within 10 miles…red was more than 10 miles.)


4 days.  Ventura Half Marathon!


6 weeks, 5 days.  Gulf Coast Half Marathon – Mandeville!


13 weeks, 4 days.  St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon!



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