Good Reads – August 2013


I started off the month finishing up another free Amazon kindle read – If the Shoe Fits by Sandra Bricker.  The first lines: “Once upon a time, in an enchanting village called Cincinnati, a beautiful fair-haired princess went in search of her prince.  She searched high and low for the one who’d been set aside just for her.  And right about the time that temptation persuaded her to abandon all hope of finding him…”  When I downloaded this book, I didn’t realize that it was Christian fiction. So needless to say…there were quite a few references to God and prayers. I don’t normally read this type of book, but it didn’t actually force the Christian aspect…making it an overall cute read.  Summary from Goodreads: “Meet Julianne Bartlett, a brilliant young attorney set out to start her own law firm with her best friend-and virtually constant companion-Will Hanes. Julianne has been waiting her whole life for Prince Charming to gallop in on his white steed. Will rode up on his 10-speed bike while they were still in grade school, but who meets the perfect guy right in the middle of a cul-de-sac? On the way to her new office, Julianne screeches to a halt after a mysterious Prince Charming loses his toolbox and work boot in a busy intersection. He’s gorgeous . . . and he’s a caring dog-rescuer too! How far she will go to grab the attention of the prince who begins to look less and less charming all the time?” (3/5 Stars)
I then finished up Twisted (Pretty Little Liars #9) by Sara Shepard while traveling.  The first lines: Have you ever known someone with nine lives?  Like that daredevil who broke seven bones in his body last summer but somehow led his team in goals this lacrosse season.  Or the two-faced girl who sat next to you in geometry – even though she cheated on tests and backstabbed her friends, the bitch always landed gracefully on her feed.  Mrow.”  Another great book in the Pretty Little Liars series – probably my second favorite in the bunch.  There are a few lil’ twists and turns that I quite enjoyed…and which seem to keep me hooked throughout this young adult series.  Summary from Goodreads: “It’s been a year since the torturous notes from A stopped and the mystery of Alison DiLaurentis’s disappearance was finally put to rest. Now seniors in high school, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are older, but they’re not any wiser. The Pretty Little Liars have more secrets than ever – twisted secrets that could destroy the perfect lives they’ve worked so hard to rebuild.  Aria’s jealous of her boyfriend’s new exchange student. Spencer’s getting a little too cozy with her soon-to-be-stepbrother. Hanna’s one scandalous photo away from ruining her dad’s Senate campaign. And Emily will do anything to get a swim scholarship.  Worst of all: Last spring break in Jamaica, they did something unforgivable. The girls are desperate to forget that fateful night, but they should know better than anyone that all secrets wash ashore…eventually.”  (4/5 Stars)
What has been your favorite read of 2013 so far?  Any recommendations for me?

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