St. Jude Journey – States of Donation!

The States Challenge!

The States Challenge!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I am pleased to announce that three more donations (submitted via check!) have been made which puts me at $955 for my original $500 fundraising goal!!!  You all are amazing – and it energizes me so much to see the support from friends and family this early in the game.  We still have 82 days until the event….and I am more motivated than ever to keep increasing and surpassing my goal.  The hubs already has $1,800….so I know that I can reach $1,500 with a lil’ help from the social media world!

Which brings me to that funky map up there!

In the spirit of our friendly family challenge, I thought it could be pretty neat to see if I could get a donor from each state during my fundraising campaign!  I will be periodically updating my progress on this new States of Donation Challenge as you help me spread the word!  Thanks again for your support 🙂

Represent your STATE!  Donate to MY FUNDRAISING PAGE today!



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