First International Assignment, Eh?

EEK – This is the exciting news I just couldn’t wait to tell you all!!!


It is official – the hubby and I are moving to Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

We both received our work offers last week, and have begun the relocation process.  Our anticipated start dates will be January 2014 – and we are expecting a 2-3 year assignment.  We are very fortunate that our company helps us with all the processes along the way, but I will be happy to share any knowledge I gain with relocating internationally.

First up – Work Permit Applications and setting up Medical Exams.  Once those are both complete, we can kick-off selling our home (our very FIRST house together!) and buying our first International home!  There will also be a trip or two for house-hunting (and sight-seeing, of course!) – so those should make for some fun posts.  Everything I hear about the city makes me so happy that it’s our first assignment: the city is just over 1 million people….with excellent public transportation…close to skiing and the Rockies…and tons of outdoor parks/running locations!

“With the eastern face of the Rockies as its backdrop, the crisp concrete-and-steel skyline of Calgary, Alberta, seems to rise from the plains as if by sheer force of will.  Indeed, all the elements in the great saga of the Canadian West—Mounties, local people, railroads, cowboys, cattle, oil—have converged to create a city with a modern face and a surprisingly traditional soul.” (via Fodor’s Travel)

And now I’ll share a few pics that got me excited!


Calgary w/View of Rockies!

Calgary at NIght!

Calgary at NIght!

Winter Wonderland!

Calgary as a Winter Wonderland!

Calgary Stampede!

Calgary Stampede!

More news to follow on our move progress!



4 thoughts on “First International Assignment, Eh?

  1. Just saw that you followed me on Twitter, so I thought I’d check out your blog. So exciting that you are moving to Calgary! It might be a bit of a temperature change though 🙂 I second Cori’s comment…a blogger meet up is needed as there is lots of wonderful bloggers (and runners!) here 🙂

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